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PreAP Physics -

PreAP Notes Here

Last year's homework is here. | Regular Physics homework is here.

Last homework

Spring Final Review and key are in the notes section.

Magnetism - Rocket Project

Rockets due Tues., May 27 (after Memorial Day. You've had a month already.)

Magnetism Test - Thurs., May 22 (And, yes, we know the band is leaving. Can't be helped.)

Wed., May 21 - Magnetism 9

Tue., May 20 - Magnetism 8

Mon., May 19 - Magnetism 7

Fri., May 16 - Magnetism 6

Thurs., May 15 - Magnetism 5

Wed., May 14 - AP History.

Tues., May 13 - AP Study session for your history test on Wed. Bring study materials. This IS NOT a free day! | Coach Adair's will have Mag 4 due.

Mon., May 12 - Magnetism 4 | (Coach Adair's students will have an AP study session. Bring study materials!)

Fri., May 9 - AP English for Juniors - No HW due. | Don't forget your Rocket Project

Thurs., May 8 - Magnetism 3 | Lab quiz, probably.

Wed, May 7 - STAAR testing - No HW due.

Tues, May 6 - STAAR testing - No HW due.

Mon., May 5 - No HW due. AP Chem test. | We will practice with those that are in class.

Fri., May 2 - Magnetism 2

Thurs., May 1 - Magnetism 1 | You will need the chapter in the notes section or your book. (See notes section for more info.)

OK - We know things are going to be goofy for a while, due to STAAR and AP testing. We have 9 homeworks in Magnetism and 3 weeks to do them in. We will work around the AP tests, but homeworks will be due when you do not have tests.

Rocket Project due at end of May - you are forewarned!

Light and Optics - Test moved to Wed., April 30.

Mon., Apr 28 - Light and Optics 11 | Sorry I got this on late

Fri., Apr 25 - Light and Optics 10

Thurs., Apr 24 - Light and Optics 9 | Lab quiz over Convex Lens Lab | Get your All or Nothing done FAST.

Wed., Apr 23 - Light and Optics 8 | All or Nothing Quiz.

Harmonic Motion Retests this Tues., Apr 22 - Thurs., Apr 24. | You can (and should) rework your old test first. | Have ALL your HWs done!

Tues., Apr 22 - Understanding the Photoelectric Effect (passed out in class or check notes page). | HW quiz when you first come in. NOTE: I will NOT go over the HW before the quiz. If you don't pay attention and do this HW, you won't understand the quiz. And vice versa....

Mon., Apr 21 - Light and Optics 7

Fri., Apr 18 - Light and Optics 6 | You have until next Thurs (Apr 24) to make up the lab quiz. Grades are already online. | Extra credit info is in the notes section.

Thurs., Apr 17 - Light and Optics 5 | Lab quiz.

Wed., Apr 16 - Light and Optics 4 | Go here for some great refraction links and photos. Look for the real pictures (just like the lab) and my Sea World Refraction Photos.

Tues., Apr 15 - Light and Optics 3 | "Index of Refraction" Lab. (Which means, of course, lab quiz coming up soon!)

Mon., Apr. 14 - Light and Optics 2 | We did the "Reflection and Refraction" Lab.

Fri., Apr. 11 - Light and Optics 1 | You will need the "Light" and "Color" notes.

Harmonic Motion and Waves -

Wed., Apr 9 - Harmonic Motion 13 | If you missed class be sure to read the "Ancillary Sound Topics" notes in the notes section.

Tues., Apr 8 - Harmonic Motion 12

Mon., Apr 7 - Harmonic Motion 11 | I want quizzes done Monday. | Test Thurs | Wave Action notes in notes section now.

Fri., Apr 4 - Harmonic Motion 10

Thurs., Apr 3 - Harmonic Motion 9 | (just the practice half-sheet for "Understanding Harmonics on Pipes and Strings".)

Wed., Apr 2 - Harmonic Motion 8 | Get your All or Nothings fixed NOW! (Sorry for the yelling...)

Mon/Tues., Mar 31 and Apr 1 - Harmonic Motion 7 and "Understanding Harmonics on Pipes and Strings" (passed out in class. Key will be online soon.) | Harmonics Lab Quiz and All or Nothing, too. | Thermo Retesting ends Tues afternoon.

Fri., Mar 28 - Harmonic Motion 6 (finish 5 [should have done 6 first] and do the "Waves" notes, please.) | Retesting for Thermo test starts today (thru Tues).

Thurs., Mar 27 - Harmonic Motion 5 | Today we did 2 demos: Slinky Demo and I'm working on the other one.

Wed, Mar 26 - Harmonic Motion 4

Tues., Mar 25 - Harmonic Motion 3 - We did the spring lab. | Lab quiz tomorrow. Look through your lab notes. | Retesting will be this Fri (3/28) and Mon/Tues next week.

Mon., Mar 24 - Harmonic Motion 2 - We did the pendulum lab. | Information about retesting and extra credit in the notes section.

Fri., Mar 21 - Harmonic Motion 1 - You need the notes we passed out in class: Harmonic Motio Table and Harmonic Motion.

Heat and Thermo - Test Thurs., Mar 20

Thurs., Mar 20 - No homework. Study for the test.

Wed., Mar 19 - Thermo 12 |

Tues., Mar 18 - Worksheet: "Mechanical Equivalent of Heat" (passed out in class - see notes section if you missed it).

Mon., Mar 17 - Thermo 11 | And all or nothing quiz over thermo, including heat engine, refrigerators, and efficiency.

Fri.., Mar 7 - Thermo 10

Thurs., Mar 6 - Thermo 9 - Turns out this is a good homework for tonight, so do it. | Also, HW quiz tomorrow over Thermo 7. | Here's the link to the refrigerator animation we started in class.

Wed., Mar 5 - Thermo 8

Tues., Mar 4 - Thermo 7 | And do this study help: Thermodynamic Processes

Snow Day, Mon, Mar 3 - Grade Thermo 6 on your own and do the "Thermodynamic Processes" notes. | Keys in notes section.

Mon., Mar 3 - Thermo 6 - you will need your Thermodynamic Processes and Laws of Thermodynamics notes.

Fri, Feb 28 - Thermo 5

Thurs., Feb 27 - Thermo 4 - Temperature Graphs; and from the "Thermal Equilibrium" notes: please do the example on front and #1 on the back.

Wed., Feb 26 - Thermo 3

Tues., Feb 25 - Thermo 2

Mon., Feb 24 - Thermo 1

Electrostatics | My Electrostatics demos and lectures here. | Electrostatics Quizzes here.

Thurs., Feb 20 - Electrostatics 16

Wed., Feb 19 - Electrostatics 15

Tues., Feb 18 - OK change of plans again! Do Electrostatics 13 and Electrostatics 14. Fight thru the beginning of 13 and we will discuss on Tues.

Fri., Feb 14 - OK change of plans. Work on "Uniform Electric Fields" for your homework tonight (key in notes section).

Thurs., Feb 13 - Electrostatics 12

Wed., Feb 12 - Electrostatics 11

Tues., Feb 11 - Electrostatics 10 | Grades this week. Get the HW quizzes and Math Quiz done!

Mon., Feb 10 - Electrostatics 9 | And please work on these worksheets: Electric Potential Q1-7 and Electric Potential Energy Q1-7. We will discuss on Monday.

Fri., Feb 7 - Electrostatics 8 | Electrostatics Demo Quiz on Friday. You should watch the demo videos (see link above). You can also reread your notes, HW, and the online quizzes, like always. | Also, if you haven't watched the lecture videos, do it! | And there are more examples in the "Notes and Examples" link above. | So MUCH help! You're welcome.

Thurs., Feb 6 - Electrostatics 7

Wed., Feb 5 - Electrostatics 6

Tues., Feb 4 - Electrostatics 5 | Here's a new webquiz to help you with metric prefixes.

Mon., Feb 3 - Electrostatics 4 - Keys to the "Electric Field" notes are in the notes section (along with others). | You should probably start watching these lecture videos to prepare for the upcoming All or Nothing Quiz: Calculating Electrostatics Quantities: Part 1: Net Electric Field | Part 2: Net Voltage | Part 3: Net Force | Part 4: Net PE.

Fri, Jan 31 - Electrostatics 3 - Since the answers are on the HW, there will be a HW quiz tomorrow. | Keys to the first two HWs are in the notes section.

Thurs., Jan 30 - Electrostatics 2

Wed., Jan 29 - Electrostatics 1


Circuits test has been moved to Tuesday. So your job is to redo a bunch of homeworks and notes. All of them are useful. Here are my suggestions if you are struggling: HW2 (back page) for Ohm's Law; HW 4 - for series circuits; HW 6 - for parallel circuits; HW8 - for resistance and more parallel circuits; HW 9 - for learning how to redraw; Current notes; Equivalent Resistance notes. Have fun!

Fri, Jan 17 - Circuits 11

Thurs., Jan 16 - Circuits 10 and do the "Power" notes (on the back of the "Equivalent Resistance" notes).

Wed., Jan 15 - Circuits 9 | You have until Friday to redo your "Series Circuit Lab" and next Monday to redo your Circuits All or Nothing Quiz. Get to it.

Tues, Jan 14 - Circuits 8 | All or Nothing Tuesday! Study the Current notes and Series and Parallel Circuit calculations (see notes section).

Fri., Jan 18 - Circuits 7 and the "Equivalent Resistance" notes you were given in class (see notes section). | Get your Math Quizzes made up NOW! | Here's the Parallel Circuit Demo we did in class.

Buoyancy Extra Credit Quiz next Wed. Notes are still in notes section.

Thurs., Jan 17 - Circuits 6 | Here's the Series Circuit Demo we did in class.

Wed., Jan 15 - Go to notes section and do "Series Circuit Practice". Key is included. | Here's the Series Circuit Demo we did in class.

Tues., Jan 14 - Do the "Current" notes. A copy of it and the key are in the notes section.

Mon, Jan 13 - Circuits 5 - Lab quiz on Monday (fur shur)! Might I suggest going to this electricity study help over meters? (The question mark is rhetorical.) | Also, the homework keys are in the notes section along with the key to the Series Circuit Calculations. Please work this worksheet, it is essential for understanding this topic.

Fri., Jan 10 - Circuits 4

Thurs., Jan 9 - Circuits 3

Wed., Jan 8 - Circuits 2 - Taking the Math Review Quiz tomorrow. Now THAT'S fun! | Check the notes section for the Math Review key and other help.

Tues., Jan 7 - Circuits 1. It is very fast, so may I suggest also working once again on the Math Review, since we will take the Math Review Thursday.

Fall Finals

Tues., Dec 17 -Get p.2 and 3 done on the Mechanics Review. Blank copies and answer keys are in the notes section.

Energy and Momentum - If you need to retest the "Forces" test go to the PreAP notes section for a packet that you must complete prior to retesting. - EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT NOW IN THE NOTES SECTION.

WOW! Stupid ice! - OK - Here's the deal. 1) Test is still Friday. You have enough information on the HWs and Worksheets (all are posted with keys). And if that's not enough incentive already, we will put a curve on this next test SO STUDY HARD! If you do well on the test you can end up above 100! 2) Buoyancy Extra Credit Quiz has been moved to next 6th weeks, so you can concentrate on Friday's test. Those of you that have already studied will just need to brush up on it. 3) All or Nothing Quizzes and Forces Retests must be done by this Thursday. 4) I will be at Chan's Mongolian Grill (Shopping center at NW corner of Hwy 26 and Prescinct Line) at 1:30 pm Tuesday, Dec 10, for questions and study. 5) Spread the word to ALL PreAP students.

Thurs., Dec 12 - Momentum 8

Wed., Dec 11 - Momentum 7. - Momentum Review in the notes section.

Tues., Dec 10 - Momentum 6 - Keys are in notes section. | Have all the HWs up to #6 done. Also, fight thru "Conservation of Momentum Practice" (notes section). I will add a page of explanations for the last problem (the physical pendulum). For kinds of collsions see those notes, too. a | The lab we were going to do Monday just became demos to save time. You MUST come to class PREPARED. | All or Nothing Quizzes and Test Retakes deadlines delayed until Wed. | Test on Friday NO DOUBT!

If, goodness, we miss Monday we will adjust as necessary. I will give more instructions on Monday.

Mon, Dec 9 - Momentum 5 and do the front page of "Conservation of Momentum Practice" (notes section). With the key you should be OK. This will put us back on track for the test.

Fri., Dec 6 - Momentum 4 | And finish the back of "The Law of Conservation of Momentum" notes (see notes section). Ok - Snow Day (ice, really). I have posted the homework keys up to Momentum 4. I will also post the keys to worksheets and some links for some videos. Check back here on Friday. Test is STILL next week (no choice). You are still responsible for this information. DO NOT come in unprepared on Monday!

Thurs., Dec 5 - Momentum 3

Wed., Dec 4 - Momentum 2 | And I put some notes about proportionality in the notes section. This is the last question on the All or Nothing Quiz you are all having trouble with.

Tues., Dec 3 - Energy 10 and Momentum 1 | I know two homeworks seems like a lot, but I'll be Momentum 1 takes about 5 minutes. | There are more keys in the notes section, both for homeworks and worksheets.

Mon., Dec 2 - Energy 9

Fri., Nov 22 - Energy 8

Thurs., Nov 21 - Energy 7

Wed., Nov 20 - Energy 6

Tues., Nov 19 - Energy 5 | We did the Spring Constant Lab.

Mon., Nov 18 - Energy 4 | Might I suggest doing some of the Energy Study Helps: O - here they are.

Fri., Nov 15 - Energy 3 | We did Conservation of Energy on a ramp today. Finish your graph at home. | See above note about retesting the Forces Test.

Thurs., Nov 14 - Energy 2

Wed., Nov 13 - Energy 1 | and you need "Types of Energy". Go to the notes section. Don't print. We have copies.

Forces -Test Monday/Tuesday!

Tues., Nov 12 - Test part 2. Yeah!

Mon., Nov 11 - Test part 1.

Fri., Nov 8 - No HW (no kidding). I only had 13 HWs for this chapter. But this would be and EXCELLENT time to rework some of the old homeworks.

Due Thurs., Nov 7 - Forces 13 | And might I suggest that you redo Forces 9, again (the one on torque)? | And I posted some new forces demos to Youtube.

Due Wed., Nov 6 - Forces 12 |

Due Tues., Nov 5 - Forces 11 |

Due Mon., Nov 4 - Forces 10 | You have to have your Forces quiz fixed by Friday. | I put the "Torque" notes (which you have) and "Connected Objects and Ramps" in the notes section. Don't print them. I will pass them out on Monday. Sorry.

Due Fri., Nov 1 - Forces 9

Due Thurs., Oct 31 - Forces 8

Due Wed., Oct 30 - Forces 7 | And work on studying for the retest and the extra credit (see notes section for details).

Due Tues., Oct 29 - Forces 6 | And read the "Gravity" notes. | You should also calculate your force table numbers so you can do that soon. We are available before and after school and at lunch, too. | And if anyone has an old dial bathroom scale they would like to donate to the physics department..... :)

Due Mon., Oct 28 - Forces 5 | And start the "Surface Friction" worksheet. Key is in the notes section. | Retesting for the Two Dimensional Motion test begins on Monday. | You should be also working on the extra credit assignment.

Due Fri., Oct 25 - Forces 4 | And because we have a shorter period tomorrow (Goblin Day), please read the "Normal Force" and "Surface Friction" notes (see notes section). That will give us more time to answer questions and work examples.

Due Thurs., Oct 24 - Forces 3

Due Wed., Oct 23 - Forces 2 | You will need "Types of Forces" and "Newton's First Law" notes.

Tues., Oct 22 - We will finish the Vector/Projectile Motion Test. Tues is the Relative Motion and Graphing portion. | Hint, Hint: Graphically Adding Vectors video

Due Fri, Oct 18 - Forces 1 | I passed out "Types of Forces" in class. "Newton's First Law" notes are in the notes section. Don't print them.

Two Dimensional Motion - I am putting homeworks on early just in case. | Test will be next Mon., Oct 21 (moved because of Homecoming Parade and a PepRally). | If you wanted more to study (?) here is "More Problems Than You Can Shake A Stick At." I think it covers almost all of the test. | Graphically Adding Vectors video | Projectile Motion Walk-Thrus

Due Thurs., Oct 17 - Two Dimensional Motion 19

Due Wed., Oct 16 - Two Dimensional Motion 18.

Due Tues., Oct 15 - Two Dimensional Motion 17 | Quiz over projectile motion and Lab Quiz. | This old HW would be good practice for the lab quiz. | You should start redoing HWs for studying. | Here are some Interactive Study Helps

Due Fri., Oct 11 - Two Dimensional Motion 16 | We finished the "Shoot to Hoops Lab". Good job!

Due Thurs., Oct 10 - Two Dimensional Motion 15 | Started the "Shoot the Hoops Lab"

Due Wed., Oct 9 - Two Dimensional Motion 14

Due Tues., Oct 8 - Two Dimensional Motion 13

Due Mon, Oct 7 - Two Dimensional Motion 12 | All or Nothing over three basic types of projectile motion on Monday. | Study these Walk-Thrus. | Here's a video on Graphically Adding Vectors that I did on Friday.

Due Fri, Oct 4 - Two Dimensional Motion 11 |

Due Thurs., Oct 3 - Two Dimensional Motion 10 |

Due Wed., Oct 2 - Two Dimensional Motion 9 |

Due Tues., Oct 1 - Two Dimensional Motion 8 | To find worked examples of projectile motion follow the Notes and Examples link at the top of the page.

Due Mon., Sept 30 - Two Dimensional Motion 7 | We worked on two projectile motion problems a horizontal launch example and a question about how high a projectile goes. Here are walk-thrus for the three major types of projectile motion. | Come in Monday to see if you need to take the all or nothing again. | Study Session Tues after school.

Due Fri., Sept 27 - Two Dimensional Motion 6

Due Thur., Sept 26 - Two Dimensional Motion 5 | All or Nothing Quiz tomorrow

Due Wed., Sept 25 - Two Dimensional Motion 4 - We did "Adding Vectors with Grids" and a bit of "Adding Vectors". | All or Nothing over vector basics (including quadrant check) on Thursday.

Due Tues., Sept 24 - Two Dimensional Motion 3 - AND please read the "Adding Vector" notes (copies in the notes section, of course). | We did the "Vector Basics" notes Monday and this demo: "Vectors Can Add in Any Order".

Due Mon, Sept 23 - Two Dimensional Motion 2 - We talked thru the HW and the test and did some trig. | If you need to retake tests, quizzes, and labs, you have but one week left!

Due Fri, Sept 20 - Two Dimensional Motion 1 - We passed this out in class.

Linear Motion -

Thurs., Sept 19 - Test over Linear Motion | Here's what we used for the in class review: Linear Motion 14b. | All keys (HWs and worksheets) are in the notes section.

Due Wed., Sept 18 - Linear Motion 15 - TEST THURS | Reworks the HWs (don't just look at them). | All or nothing quiz grades drop after the test! | Study session 4 p.m Wed in the Lecture Hall. |

Due Tues., Sept 17 - Linear Motion 14 - TEST THURS | All hw keys up to this point are in the notes section. Study hard.

Due Mon, Sept 16 - Linear Motion 13 | Quiz over Acceleration Lab on Monday | We started "Transfering Graphs" on Fri. See notes section.

Due Fri., Sept 13 - Linear Motion 12 - "Freefall" notes in the notes page, as is the key to the homework. | Here's a link to the astronauts dropping the feather and the hammer on the moon to show what happens when there is no air resistance. | You MUST have your Acceleration Lab done by Monday. | Get quizzes done.

Due Thurs., Sept 12 - Linear Motion 11 | (OK - NOW I can put this) And finish your "Acceleration Lab". (I was so confused yesterday).

Due Wed., Sept 11 - Linear Motion 10 | finish your "Acceleration Lab", check Skyward to see if you have any missing grades, make up your Math Quiz, clean your room, wash behind your ears..... (oops, I digress).

Due Tues., 9/10 - How to Straighten Graphs | It was passed out in class. Check the notes section for a copy. | Work on Math Quizzes and Speed Labs, please. Progress reports go out this week. | The practice we did on kinematics is also in the notes section.

Due Mon., 9/9 - Linear Motion 9 | Check this out | If you bombed the lab quiz you have to redo the lab to take the 2nd quiz (which is different).

Due Fri, 9/6 - Linear Motion 8 | Speed Lab Quiz tomorrow. | Come in and get your Math Reviews done!

Due Thurs., 9/5 - Do Linear Motion 7 | You should have finished the speed lab. If not, come in and take care of it. Also, there will be a lab quiz Thurs or Fri. Look thru your lab data OR come in and redo part of it. Lab grades are 35%, so lab quizzes are important!

Due Wed., 9/4 - Linear Motion 6 - Keys to LM 5 and below in the notes section; for MOST of you - redo your graphs. The "Common Graphing Mistakes" notes are also in the notes section. | Here's video help understanding + and - velocity and acceleration.

Due Tues., 9/3 - Do Linear Motion 5 , "Speed" Note and "Velocity and Acceleration" notes (see notes section). And graph this bowling ball lab data. Do them on the same piece of graph paper (you own or this one). Use dots, x's, and squares to show the different trials (and label them). Any notes you need are in the notes section.

Due Fri, 8/30 - Linear Motion 4 - And complete the back of the "Position, Distance, Displacement" notes we passed out in class (or in the notes section).

Due Thurs., 8/29 - Linear Motion 3 - We talked about accuracy vs precision and some conversions. We will do MORE conversions tomorrow. Come in to work on your math quiz! And I put more math help and the key in the notes section.

Due Wed., 8/28 - Linear Motion 2 - We did the Math Quiz. If you bombed it, time to come in and learn that math! (Don't retreat! Attack!) "Conversions" and "Linear Equation" notes in the PreAP notes section above. | Here is a video to help you with Metric Conversion.

Due Tues., 8/27- Answers to the homework in the notes section.