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PreAP Physics 2011-2012


Last year's homework is here.

Magnetism: Water Rocket Lab due Thurs/Fri. This is an individual lab grade. | Grading scheme here | Construction info here.

Thurs, May 24: Last Homework | Water Rocket Due (see above). Dress for the sun (wide brimmed hat, thin clothes, long sleeves). There is no shade. | Spring Final Review is in the notes section.

Mon., May 21: Magnetism 8 | New page of notes of in notes section: "Five Right Hand Rules Situations" | Notice water rocket lab above.| HW keys available

Fri., May 18: Magnetism 7

Thurs, May 17: Magnetism 6 - Study Session Thurs afterschool, Murray's room. I will do another before the test next week. | WATER ROCKET LAB end of next week, so you can start building now (if you want). Grading scheme here. Construction info here. | New videos available.

Tues., May 15: Magnetism 5 | Induction notes are in the notes section. | And study helps: Induction and RHR complete. | I will TRY to get more demos and lectures on line. AND I will try to do study sessions so all you AP-takers can get caught up.

Mon, May 14: Magnetism 4 | Any notes you need are in the notes section. | And you REALLY need to work on this study help: Basic RHR; and try Advanced RHR.

Thurs., May 10: Magnetism 3 | Notes for "Magnetic Forces" and "Transformers" are in the notes section | Magnetism Demo Videos here

Tues., May 8: Magnetism 2 | "Magnetic Fields" notes in notes section.

Mon, May 7: Magnetism 1 | You will need your book (yes there is a book). See notes section or come in early.

Light and Optics: Study Sessions Wed and Thurs After School in Murray's Room. Check with Dubois for morning study sessions.

Thurs., May 3 - Light and Optics 11 | Get quizzes done before the test.

Wed., May 2 - Light and Optics 10 | We worked on "Ray Diagrams". You could do this web quiz for help. | And this website is VERY important

Tues., May 1 - Light and Optics 9 | Test on Fri., so retest your Lab and Refraction Quizzes soon.

Mon., April 30 - Understanding the Photoelectric Effect - was passed out in class. See notes section. Quiz over the HW on Monday. | Refraction quiz on Monday, too. What to study is in the notes page, too..

Tues., April 24 - Light and Optics 8 |

Mon., April 23 - Light and Optics 7 | You will need your "Critical Angle" notes and TAKS notes (see notes section) | If you missed class see watch this Critical Angle demo | "TAKS and Tunes" Wed afterschool.

Fri, April 20 - Light and Optics 6 | You will need your previous HW and your TAKS notes.| We did the back of the "Refraction" notes in class. See the notes section.

Thurs., April 19 - Light and Optics 5 | You will need your TAKS and "Refraction" notes.

Wed., April 18 - Light and Optics 4 | You will need your TAKS notes.

Tues., April 17 - Light and Optics 3 | You will need your "Refraction" notes.

Mon., April 16 - Light and Optics 2 | We did a lab on Fri. If you missed Friday you need to come Monday morning and do the lab. | Here is a website with great pictures of the lenses and mirrors. | Here's a demo I did with the refraction tank that will show the direction light refracts.

Fri., April 13 - Do the back of the "Optics Basics" notes that you got in class.

Thurs., April 12 - Light and Optics 1 (I just used last year. No, really!) | You were given notes of "Light" and "Color". See ntoes section if you didn't pick them up.

Harmonic Motion :

Wed., April 11 - Test. Study | Worksheet keys are already available. I will get HW keys in, too, ASAP.

Tues., April 10 - Harmonic Motion 13 (key is included)

Mon, Apr 9 - Harmonic Motion 12

Thur, Apr 5 - Harmonic Motion 11 | Quiz over harmonics (strings and pipes), intensity, and sound. Look over the Sound, Ancillary Sound Topics, and Pipes and Strings notes. | Key to HW 9 is in the notes section.

Wed, Apr 4 - Harmonic Motion 10 | Due to the tornado warning and the loss of class time, please grade HW 8 and the Sound notes. Given them to me tomorrow. Keys are in the notes section.

Tues., Apr 3 - Harmonic Motion 9 (short) | And complete the back of the "Sound" notes you got in class. See preap section for a copy | In Class on Mon we did "Harmonics on Strings and Pipes" here is key p1 and key p2 and we saw two demos: Harmonic in a Closed Pipe with Styrofoam Balls| Harmonic in an Open Pipe with Styrofoam Balls

Mon., Apr 2 - Harmonic Motion 8

Fri, Mar 30 - Harmonic Motion 7 | We did the Harmonics Lab. If you missed it, come in IMMEDIATELY and to complete it.

Thurs., Mar 29 - Harmonic Motion 6

Wed., Mar 28 - Harmonic Motion 5 | You will need your Wave notes from TAKS Ob 5 packet or see the wave notes on the notes page.

Tues., Mar 27 - Harmonic Motion 4 | If you missed either lab (Pendulums or Spring) find time to get it done.

Mon, Mar 26 - Harmonic Motion 3 | TAKS Packet 5 due | Also, we have two Turbo TAKS quizzes over Objectives 1 and 2. Please look over those TAKS packets. | Band Students: I know you are getting in late. Sleep. Do your homework Monday at lunch or afterschool. I will give you until Wed to get caught up. Come during band to do the lab. See keys in the notes section for the homeworks.

Fri., Mar 23 - Harmonic Motion 2 | We did a lab on Fri: "What Affects the Period of a Pendulum"

Thurs, Mar 22 - Harmonic Motion 1 | Notes are in the notes section, if you didn't pick them up in class.

Heat and Thermodynamics :

Wed, Mar 21 - Test! Study hard. O - and people were a bit confused about the TAKS Packet, so we will make that due on Mon, all of it.

Due Tues., Mar 20 - A little different: Do TAKS Days 25 (Electricity) and Day 27 (Forces) - See notes section if you need them. TEST Wed.

Due Mon., Mar 19 - Heat and Thermo 11. There are some challenges on this one, so I included the key. Work the problems hard before you check the answers. | And do TAKS Day 24 - Heat. (Go figure)

Due Fri., Mar 9 - Heat and Thermo 10 | And do TAKS Day 23 - Energy

Due Thurs., Mar 8 Heat and Thermo 8 | Heat and Thermo 9 | And do TAKS Day 22 - Linear Motion. (see notes section if you forgot to pick it up). Challenge yourself to not look at the notes.

Due Mon., Mar 3 - Heat and Thermo 7 | We started "Cyclic Processes". See notes section.

Due Fri, Mar 2 - Heat and Thermo 6 | We did the first part of "Thermodynamic Processes". See notes section.

Due Thurs., Mar 1 - Heat and Thermo 5 | Answers to "Advanced Heat" in the notes section.

Due Wed., Feb 29 - Do the "Advanced Heat Problems" [Passed out in class - see notes section if you forgot them. Answers are in the notes section. YOUR job is to figure out how to get the answers (show the work!)] | All or Nothing Quiz on Wed. Be able to do Total Heat, Conduction, Convection, Radiation.

Due Tues., Feb 28 - Temperature Graphs (Key is included) | We went over the homework, TAKS packet, and Thermal Equilibrium (1st problem). See notes section.

Due Mon., Feb 27 - Heat and Thermo 4 | Make sure to do TAKS Objective 3 (see notes section or come early)

Due Fri., Feb 24 - Heat and Thermo 3 | Please be sure to check Skyward and bring all your homeworks. We will take time to check grades tomorrow. | Here are the links to the heat and thermo demos we did in class. Show your family how we boiled water with ice!

Due Thurs., Feb 23 - Heat and Thermo 2 | and please read these "Thermodynamic" notes

Due Wed., Feb 22 - Heat and Thermo 1 | Also, do the "Heat" notes (key in notes section) | and complete TAKS Objective 2 (if you lost it, check the notes section)


Studying for the test: this year the homeworks walk you thru almost everything. Redo them. There are some additional keys (like for the in class review) in the notes section.

Due Thurs., Feb 16 - Electrostatics 16 | Sorry this is so late, but this close to a test (Fri) I wanted it to be helpful, which takes time. | Study sessions: Thurs morning in Ms. Dubois' class; Thurs afternoon in Mr. Murray's class.

Due Wed., Feb 15 - Electrostatics 15

Due Tues., Feb 14 - Electrostatics 14 | key is at the end. Will be good if you read thru the capacitor notes.

Due Mon., Feb 13 - Electrostatics 13 | TAKS packet for Objective 1 is due on Monday. I will show keys then. If you lost your copy, check the notes section.

Due Fri., Feb 10 - Electrostatics 12 | Quiz 2 tomorrow. Study the back of tonight's HW and HW 7

Due Thurs., Feb 9 - Electrostatics 11 | ReQuiz over Demos on Thurs | Quiz on Friday. Will be over info on Electrostatics 7. Redo it and start preparing.

Due Wed., Feb 8 - Electrostatics 10 | Your Objective 1 TAKS packet will be due Monday.

Due Tues., Feb 7 - Electrostatics 9

Due Mon., Feb 6 - Electrostatics 8 | Also, do this webquiz on Understanding Charge. I am debating about a quiz or something to prove you did the quiz. If you need to, come in early and use my computers.

Due Fri., Feb 3 - Electrostatics 7 (Key on back) | We have 2 quizzes. Here's what to study.

Due., Thurs., Feb 2 - Electrostatics 6 (the key is on the back). | Friday we will have an "All or Nothing Quiz" over the first 2 homeworks and a Lab Demo Quiz. Go here to find links for videos of the Electrostatics Demos to prepare.

Due Wed., Feb 1 - Electrostatics 5 | I will post the work from today later.

Due Tues., Jan 31 - Electrostatics 4 (another lecture homework.)

Due Mon., Jan 30 - Electrostatics 3 (pay attention. This is a lecture homework.)| Here's a video of the demos we did on Friday.

Due Fri., Jan 27 - Electrostatics 2 | We did a bunch of demos. Go to this page and follow the links to Youtube. You want to watch the Electrostatics Demos.

Due Thurs., Jan 26 - Electrostatics 1


Test Wed. So no homework due. | If you couldn't come to the Study Session Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Dubois is doing one in her room Wed morning at 7:30 a.m. | Will put the power point on ASAP.

Due Tues., Jan 24 - PreAP In Class Review with key | Test Wed. | Study Session 4:15 p.m. in the lecture hall.

Due Mon. Jan 23 - Circuits 11 | Here's an explanation of how to do the Resistor Lab circuit.| Videos of the demos are linked up here. | MAKE UP MATH QUIZZES NOW! |

Due Fri, Jan 20 - Circuits 10 | Keys to "Total Resistance" and "Electrical Power" are in the notes section.

Due Thurs., Jan 19 - Circuits 9 | You will need the "Total Resistance" notes (see notes page) and the previous homework.

Due Wed., Jan 18 - Circuits 8 | Right now you could get ready for the Math Quiz!: see the notes page. | And if you haven't seen this video yet, have a look.

No Homework Due until after break. The reviews (and keys) are in the notes section. You WILL have homework first day you get back.

Due Tues., Jan 10 - You are finishing the "Physics Fall In Class Review" Packet and starting the PreAP fall review. You got both of these in class.

Due Mon., Jan 9 - Circuits 7

Due Fri., Jan 6 - Complete the back of the "Current" notes you got in class. Blank copy and the key is in the notes section.

Due Thurs., Jan 5 - Circuit 6 | HW Keys are in the notes section. Please grade Circuits 5 yourself.

Due Wed., Jan 4 - Circuits 5. In class we did the series circuit calculations. See notes page.

Due Tues., Jan 3 - Circuits 4 (includes key). This is VERY, VERY important. Work this homework carefully. It will help you for the rest of the unit.

Due Mon., Jan 2 - Circuits 3

Due Fri., Dec 16 - Circuits 2

Due Thurs., Dec 15 - Circuits 1 | notes are included on the homework. Labs both Thurs and Fri. If you miss class, find time to make these labs up.

Momentum: Momentum Test on Wed, Dec 14

Due Tues., Dec 13 - Momentum 8 | We did "PreAP Momentum Practice"

Due Mon., Dec 12 - Momentum 7 | We did "Conservation of Momentum Practice"

Due Fri, Dec 9 - Momentum 6 | You need to do or study the bottom of "Types of Collisions/Impulse Graphs". See the notes section, of course.

Due Thurs., Dec 8 - Momentum 5 | We did the first half of "Types of Collisions/Impulse Graphs" | Key to first half is in the notes section.

Due Wed., Dec 7 - Momentum 4

Tues., Dec 6 - Momentum 3 - We did "Momentum Basics". All or Nothing Quiz on Tues.

Mon., Dec 5 - Momentum 2 - We did most of "Momentum and Impulse" worksheet.

Fri., Dec 2 - Momentum 1 - There are enough notes on the homework, itself.

Energy: Sorry! Just found out about the homework keys not being there. I just fixed it.

Thurs., Dec 1 - no homework - study hard. The key to the Regular Physics in class review is in the notes section.

Due Wed., Nov 30 - Energy 11 The key is included and in the notes section.

Tues., Nov 29 - Energy 10 | Energy Quiz on Tues. | We did "Advanced Conservation of Energy" on Mon. See notes section.

Mon., Nov 28 - Energy 9 | We have a quiz when we get back and a test soon (probably Wed).

Fri., Nov 18 - Energy 8 | Again, key in notes section. | Worksheets we did in class are also in the notes section.

Thurs., Nov 17 - Energy 7 | Key in notes section. Learn it or not: your choice. Quiz and test coming soon after the break.

Wed., Nov 16 - Energy 6

Tues., Nov 15 - Energy 5 | In Class we did "Conservation of Energy" see notes section.

Mon., Nov 14 - Energy 4 (sorry the link was wrong. I found out Sun night)| All or Nothing Quiz on Mon | Friday we finished the back of "Types of Forces" (see notes) | We also did some Energy Study Helps. Follow the link above.

Fri., Nov 11 - Energy 3

Thurs., Nov 10 - Energy 2 (with key) | We are on pep-rally schedule, so we don't have time for homework. Learn it or not: your choice.

Wed., Nov 9 - Energy 1 (was passed out in class). | We also passed out two pages of notes. You know where to find them.

Forces: Get your Lab Quizzes done soon! Before, afterschool, at lunch....

Check out this video of a new demo I designed Friday after school. Help me out and spread the word! I'll show it in person on Monday.

Fri., Nov 3 - Forces 14 | Key is in the notes section | All HW keys are there, now. | Advanced Forces Practice is there, too AND a practice for the Force Requiz.

Thurs., Nov 2 - Forces 13 | ATTENTION: Bring dial bathroom scales!! It's "Ride the Elevator" time. Digital scales would work, but they can't "hesitate" because the changes will happen very quickly.

Wed., Nov 1 - Forces 12 | In class we worked on "Gravity, Torque, and Centripetal Acceleration".

Tues., Oct 32 - Forces 11 | In class we did the "Connected Objects and Ramps" notes.

Mon., Oct 31 - Forces 10 | HW keys in the notes section. | We finished "Forces in Equations" on Friday (key in notes section). Monday we have a quiz. If you want to be ready, do tonight's HW (obviously) and redo Q2 and 3 on Forces 5 and Q3 on Forces 6.

Fri., Oct 28 - Forces 9 | We did the torque worksheet. See notes section.

Thurs., Oct 27 - Forces 8 | Wed we did page 1 of "Forces in Equations". See the notes section for the blank copy and page 1 key.

Wed., Oct 26 - Forces 7

Tues., Oct 25 - Forces 6

Mon, Oct 24 - Forces 5 | Friction notes in notes section

Fri., Oct 21 - Forces 4 | Normal Force notes in notes section.

Thurs., Oct 20 - Forces 3 | Check out this video: Quantum Levitation (And, "No" I can't explain it to you.)

Wed., Oct 19 - Forces 2

Tues., Oct 18 - Forces 1; HW and notes were passed out in class. If you didn't pick up the notes, check the ntoes section.

Two Dimensional Motion: Test Friday. Study session Thurs. after school in the lecture hall.

Studying for test: "More Problems Than You can Shake a Stick At" I changed the order and added two more of our relative motion examples.

Thurs., Oct 13: Two Dimensional Motion 18 | Remember the study session And MAKE UP YOUR QUIZZES! More HW keys in notes section.

Wed., Oct 12: Two Dimensional Motion 17 | Quizzes tomorrow over projectile motion and the lab. Look over how you calculated the lab and do this homework and you should be good.

Tues., Oct 11: HW is to finish the lab. Also, please check Skyward for your Vector Quiz grade. There is practice in the notes section. You can retest to an 80.

Due Fri., Oct 7: Two Dimensional Motion 16 | Come prepared for "Shoot the Hoops!"

Due Thurs., Oct 6: Two Dimensional Motion 15 | We did this worksheet "Projectile Motion Graphs" (includes key)

Due Wed., Oct 5: Two Dimensional Motion 14

Due Tues., Oct 4: Two Dimensional Motion 13 | Key is included: study hard. The better you know this homework, the easier the lab will be.

Due Mon., Oct 3: Two Dimensional Motion 12 | old HW Keys are in the notes section.

Due Fri., Sept 30: Two Dimensional Motion 11 | Quiz over trig and vectors on Fri.

Due Thurs., Sept 29: Two Dimensional Motion 10 | Here's the practice sheet we did in class | Here's the vector example we did.

Due Wed., Sept 28: Two Dimensional Motion 9 | "Relative Motion" notes are available. Also, play with this app.

Due Tues., Sept 27: Two Dimensional Motion 8 | There are examples in the Notes & Examples section above.

Due Mon., Sept 26: Two Dimensional Motion 7 | Get your All or Nothing Quizzes made up NOW!

Due Fri., Sept 23: Two Dimensional Motion 6 (I gave this out in class) | Also gave out "Projectile Motion" notes and did these questions (key here)

Due Thurs., Sept 22: Two Dimensional Motion 5 | Did "Graphically Adding Vectors" in class. Go to the notes page.

Due Wed., Sept 21: Two Dimensional Motion 4 | "Adding Vectors" with key is in notes page (we did Q7 and this page of questions | key here)

Due Tues., Sept 20: Two Dimiensional Motion 3 - We worked part of "Vector Basics" and started "Adding Vectors".

Due Mon., Sept 19: Two Dimensional Motion 2 - And finish the half sheet (answer in the notes section)| We did "Practice with Vectors and Trig" see notes page.

Due Fri., Sept 16: Two Dimensional Motion 1

Linear Motion:

Test Thurs., Sept 15: No homework! Study for the Test. Rework worksheets and homeworks. Keys are in the notes section.

Due Wed., Sept 14: Linear Motion 14 | We took our kinematics quiz. If you missed it, make it up soon! | Old HW keys are in the notes section.

Due Tues., Sept 13: Linear Motion 13 | Freefall and Kinematic problems are in the notes section

Due Mon., Sept 12: Linear Motion12. More help for translating graphs on this physics study help page.

Due Fri., Sept 9: Linear Motion 11. Integration notes were passed out a long time ago (on back side of "Common Graphing Mistakes")

Due Thurs., Sept 8: Linear Motion 10: We did "Translating Graphs, Kinematics, and Freefall Practice " in class. Notes and key are in notes section.

Due Wed., Sept 7: Linear Motion 9. We did "Translating Graphs" in class. Notes and key are in notes section.

Due Tues, Sept 6: Linear Motion 8. Hope this helps you understand acceleration better. Also, if you spent some class time on your "Acceleration Lab" (which is due Tues), then you are responsible for doing the back of the "Translating Graphs and Average Velocity" and "Freefall" notes. Copies of the worksheets AND THE KEYS are in the notes section.

Due Fri., Sept 2: Linear Motion 7. And finish the Acceleration Lab. "Freefall" and "Common Graphing Mistake" notes are posted.

Due Thurs., Sept 1: Finish the "Acceleration Lab" and "How to Straighten Graphs" that you were given in claass. If your pet platypus ate your copy, check the notes section of course. ("Where did you get the platypus, dude?")

Due Wed., 8/31: Linear Motion 6: You will need either your equation sheet or the "Kinematic Equation" Notes. See above.

Due Tues., 8/30: Linear Motion 5 You were given "Position, Distance, and Displacement" notes in class. Copy in PreAP notes above.

Due Mon., 8/29: Do the back of the "Speed" and "Velocity and Acceleration" notes that you were given in class. If you lose your copy, go to the PreAP notes section.

Due Fri., 8/26: Linear Motion 4 - Quiz over conversions and sig figs on Friday. More help for conversions, sig figs and math in the preap notes section.

Due Thurs., 8/25: Linear Motion 3 - Key to Linear Motion 2 here

Due Wed., 8/24 Linear Motion 2 - and get your safety contracts in. "Conversion" and "Linear Equation" notes are in the PreAP Notes Section (see link above).

Due Tues., 8/23