Instructions and Help for Study Helps

Can't see all of the words on one page? Try the following:

1) Change to full page view by pushing F11. (F11 will take you out of full page view to regular view afterward.) If this doesn't work...

2) Change to smaller text size.

In Explorer: Click on View/ Text Size/ Smallest or Smaller. Refresh the page to see the changes.

In Firefox: Click on View/ Text Size/ Decrease Size. You may have to do this multiple times, refreshing the page each time to see the changes.

Matching Exercises - Instructions

To do the matching exercise click and pull the definitions from the right to the vocabulary term on the left. When you click on "check" wrong answers will be reset to the right OR will be highlighted and moved slightly right (this new version lets you see your incorrect answers so you can try again).

You may either check words one at a time or check yourself after matching all the words.

If you do not match all the words perfectly, reset the exercise and start over until the words are simple.

Close this window to return to the exercise.