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Accelerated Biology


Taxomony Worksheet

March 10 & 11: Genetics
Notes: monohybrid, dihybrid and genetic inheritance

March 6 & 9: Genetics
Notes: Monohybrid crosses
Homework: Chapter 11-1, 11-2, & 11-3

February 18&19: Mitosis
Notes: Mitosis Manipulative (hands on activity with yellow cards), Discuss homework hand out and cell cycle
Homework: Cell Cycle & Mitosis Worksheet to go with Arizona University Biology project website

February 13 & 17: Cell Cycle
Notes: Cell Cycle Outline
Output: Do something creative with the cell cycle

February 11 & 12: Test Protein Synthesis

February 9 & 10: Protein Synthesis
Notes: Review for Protein synthesis test

February 5 & 6 : Protein Synthesis
Notes: Protein Synthesis in the computer lab
Homework: Finish worksheet

February 4

February 3

February 2

January 30 A Day: Protein Synthesis
Notes: Protein Synthesis Simple & Protein Synthesis Details

January 29 B Day: DNA Replication
Notes: Review DNA Structure then DNA Replication part 1 then DNA Replication part 2

January 27 A Day: Protein Synthesis (with sub)
Notes: With Sub Transcription & Translation
Ticket out: Make mRNA, tRNA and Amino Acid sequence
Homework: Worksheet From a Gene to a Protein
Output: None

January 23 & 26: Base pairing and DNA Structure
Notes: DNA structure & base pairing. Hand Nucleotide. Building of DNA with Hand Nucleotide. Start basic DNA replication
Ticket Out: Base Pairing
Homework: Worksheet Replication Review - must do 1-23
Output: None

January 21 & 22: Chromosome Structure
Outline give in for DNA Structure & Protein Synthesis
Notes: Review Chromosome structure flip book
Homework: Discovering DNA Structure handout.
Output: Cinquin or Haiku - see me if you need help


October 29 & 30 - Cells:
Notes: History, Cell theory, Porkaryote & Eukaryote
Warm-up: Microscope label - Quiz October 31 & November 3 you must make an 80 before you can use a microscope
Handout: Outline for Cells

October 27 & 28 - Ecology Test
Homework: Cell label worksheet

October 23 & 24 - Review Ecology, Put it all together

October 21 & 22 - Food Chains and Food Webs Worksheet
Homework: Energy Pyramid

October 17 & 20 Lesson: Benchmark

October 15 & 16 - PSAT: Half day of class; Review for benchmark on October 17-20.

October 10 & 14- Lesson: Teach to your cycle to the group. Fill in Ecology Cycle Worksheeet

October 8 & 9- Lesson: Work with your group to learn about your assigned cycle. Water, Nitrogen, or Carbon Cycle. Use this guide to learn the needed information
Output: Acrostic Poem regarding your cycle
Homework: Define the following words: Symbiosis, Mutalism, Commensalism, Parasitism, Predation

October 6 & 7- Lesson: Biome discussion
Output: Limerick about biomes
Homework: Finish biome worksheet.

October 2 & 3- Test: Chemistry of Life
Homework: Biomes Flip Book

September 30-

September 26-27:

September 24-25: Lesson: Finish properties of water and start Biomolecules
Warm-up: Define - Carbohydrate, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid
Homework: Draw the molecule structure of Carbs, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid
FYI: Water Worksheet corrections are due by Friday, Septemebr 26
Test Corrections must be done by October 2!

September 22-23: Lesson - Properties of water- cohesion, adhesion, surface tension, density, surface tension, specific heat.
Warm-up: Food Labels
Homework: Finish water lab, correct water worksheet and return
Output: None

September 18-19: Lesson - Water Lab
Homework: Finish Water Lab, Use the Water Worksheet to answer the questions about each station.
Output: None

September 16-17: Lesson - Water: Molecular Structure, Polarity, Hydrogen Bonds
Homework: Finish Water Worksheet.
Output: Cartoon about a property of water

September 12-15: Lesson: Test Charateristics of Life, Lab Safety & Scientific Method
Homework: Vocabulary on page 40
Output: None

September 10/11: Finished our notes and reviewed for test. Notes Part 1 and Part 2

Great Websites for Cell Cycle and Mitosis
1. Arizona University
2. Cell's Alive
3. The Biology Place - Mitosis
4. The Biology Place - Meiosis

Great website for animation for any topic
PH School

Microscope Website
1. To practice naming
2. Worksheet for naming
3. This interactive allows you to maniplate the microscope - go to the Virtual Scope and practice using the microscope