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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Study the Digestive System Outline!!!

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Anatomy and Physiology

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February 13 - Begin Digestive System
Quiz: Label the digestive system organs
Notes: Digestive System Outline
Baby Book: Gender of the baby determined by Karyotype. Month 5 Due February 20- must have all of the normal including short discussion about any chromosomal genetic mutations your baby has.

February 11 - Test Muscles
HMWK: Study page 740 - the organs of the digestive system

February 9 - Review Muscles Test February 11
Quizzes: Sacromere & Muscle Fiber
Mink Dissection - Mink Muscle project will be due on Friday February 13. Must have 10 muscles clearly labeled for 100.

February 5 - Myography
Present Posters discuss questions

February 3 - Work on Musle Posters
Isotonic/metric contrations
Smooth and Cardiac Muscle characteristic
Muscles and exercise

January 30 - Muscle cell structure notes
Homework: Page 315 Figure 11-3 Know anything that is labeled on the picture, know where it is and why it is there!

January 27 - Work with your mink & muscle packets
Don't forget that muscle packets are extra credit on the test. If you have questions about the packet please come ask!

January 23 - Work with your mink & muscle packets
Worked on mink clean up and muscle indentification.
Don't forget muscle part of digital project due day after muscle test
Two muscle packets were passed out.

January 21 - Meet your mink!
We finished the chicken bone dissections.
Mink digital project assigned. More information to come soon.
Muscle Outline passed out



October 29 - Finish skin, review for test

October 27 - Skin
Quiz Label the Skin
Notes - Layer of the skin
Homework - Functions on the skin

October 23 - Finish Tissues
Quiz: Types of Tissue & Tissue repair
Quiz: 10/27 Skin label
Due October 24 Baby Book - 1 month

October 21 - Types of Tissues
Notes: Flow chart of tissues
Homework: Skin
Due October 24 Baby Book - 1 month

October 17 - Benchmark
Notes: Tissues
DUE: Baby Book Conception to Implantation

October 15 - 1/2 day of class due to PSAT
Notes: Handout for tissue and skin, Looked at microscope slides

October 10
Notes: Handouts for Baby Book Project
Due dates: Conception to Implantation due 10/17, Month 1 due 10/24

October 8 - Introduction to Baby Book Project
Notes: Watched a video about fetal development

October 6 - Test Cellular Processes

October 2 - Review for test

September 30 Notes: Cellular Respriration

September 26: Note: Cell Connection and Cytoskeleton

September 24 - Note: DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis
Homework: Cell Connections - Tight Junctions, Desosomes, Gap Juntions

September 22 - Quiz: Organelles - this one counts as a grade!
Notes: Cell Membrane

September 18- Quiz: organelles.
Notes: Mitosis and Meiosis used manipulatives for mitosis & meiosis
Homework: Study Cell Transport; Passive transport (diffusion, facilitated diffusion, osmosis); Active transport; Endocytosis (phagocytosis & pinocytosis); Exocytosis

September 16 - Notes Cell Cycle.
Homework: study mitosis verses meiosis. Handout: Mitosis verses Meiosis

September 12 - Biomolecule Test
Handout: Outline for next test (projected for October 6) - Cellular Anatomy & Physiology
Homework - study organelles. Quiz on 9/18. Click here for interactive study help.

September 10 - Review for Biomolecule test

September 8 - Biomolecules: Protein and Nucleic Acid

September 4 - Biomolecules: Carbohydrates and Lipids

September 2 - Test postponed until September 10!!

August 28

August 26

August 25

Muscle contration websites
Texas A&M Muscle Animation - great animation that walks you though muscle structure and animation
Thompson Animation - This animation is great for learning the parts of a muscle cell.

Mink Links: Use these links to help you get to know your mink
University of Minnesota Duluth
BioKit has a pretty good power point
I found this too


DNA Replication - this website has lots of great animations.

Theses two websites are great animations of protein synthesis: Transcription and Translation

Protein Synthesis - This page has lots of great pictures and the explantations are easy and simple to follow.

Mr. Murray's Science - This web page contains interactive study helps that I did help create.

The Biology Project - Created by the University of Arizona. This is an EXCELLENT website! There are several different study help on this website: cell membrane, The Cell Cycle & Mitosis, Meiosis, and Prokaryotic, Eukaryotic & Viruses (you need to study Eukaryotic for class, but prokaryotic and viruses for TAKS test).