Ms. Newsom

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Career Project is due February 19! No Late Projects will be accepted

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Information You Need to Know!

February 18 & 19

February 13 & 17

February 11 & 12
Journal: None
Activity: Computer Lab to work on Career Project - setting up a power point
Homework: Finish Career Project

February 9 & 10
Journal: Instanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein
Activity: Test Taking Tip Presentation; Binder Check
Homework: Contact Sheet

February 5 & 6

February 3 & 4

January 30 & February 2
Journal: Get it off your chest
Lesson: Review first semester goals, update first semester goals, discuss four year graduation plan

January 27 & 29
Journal: First semester grades; why are they where they are and what will you do to improve them this semester?
Lesson: Test taking tips, Broken into groups, each group created a poster for their test tip, created 5 questions about their test tip, presented to the class

January 23 & 26
Journal: Get it off your chest
Lesson: Binder reset-up and review Costa's Level and Cornell Notes and how to adapt to your classes
Game: Connect four on paper
FYI: Teach to Guardian this weekend

January 21 & 22
Journal: It is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves.
–La Rochefoucauld
Lesson: Game
FYI: You WILL take notes at your Pre-Registration meeting on Jan 27. You will have a quiz on Jan. 29
Extra Credit: summary of the inauguration will be due when you come to class today.


October 17 & 20

October 15 & 16 -Journal: “ Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes ” -Gandhi
Lesson: Homework Day

October 10 & 14- Journal: Get it off your chest
Lesson: Discussion about what is expected on next binder check
Game Day: Bull Rings - carry the ball over, under and around obstacles

October 8 & 9- Journal:

October 6 & 7-

October 2 & 3-

September 30-

September 26-27:

September 24-25:

September 22-23: Don't end up on Probation- failing a class will land you on probation
Journal: Rough draft based on the Outline An Important Decision I Once Made

September 18-19: Staying in touch to stay on track
Journal: Outline: An Important decision I Once Made

September 16-17: Grade checks and discussion regarding classes and high school stresses.

September 12-15: Binder Check, Grade Sheet Check, Planner Check
Journal: Get it off your chest
Activity: Chocolate River

September 10-11: Costa's Questions - The Giving Tree
Journal: How did 9/11 change your life? The US? The World?
Activity: 3 Corners - Palin's Daughter

September 8-9: Anno

September 4-5: Costa's Question - Preamble
Activity: Reading to Read- Annotation
Homework: Read Article and annotate

September 2-3: Bring all needed materials to class! If you have forgotten what the list is click here.

August 29: Did you bring your signed parent forms back??? They are already due!!

February 19: Medical Authorization Deadline

February 24: Parent Meeting from 6 - 7:30

March 6: SMU trip - NO PASS, NO GO!!

Grade Sheet will always be due the first day you see your teacher for every week. The pre-dated sheets due dates are wrong now due to the ice day.

Binder Checks: Will be about every 6 days. You should be prepared for a potential binder check every day!