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Multiple Choice (MC) - if there is feedback on in the windows that come up after answering - READ THEM. This feedback will help you learn the information faster.

Matching (M) - do the exercise until you have a score of 100%. You can finish the exercise by checking your answers over and over, but you may not be learning much that way.

Greek and Latin Roots

DNA - DNA, RNA, Meiosis, Mitosis, Haploid, Zygote, etc.

Cells - Includes Organelles; Animal and Prokaryotic Cells, Virus, Chemistry of Life, Organelles, Cellular Processes, Respiration vs Photosynthesis

Anatomy and Physiology - Functions and components of the body systems

Taxonomy - Classification of Organisms, Six Kingdoms, etc.

Ecology - Food Pyramids, Symbiosis, Trophic Levels